DSP filter design

John W. Brosnahan broz at csn.org
Tue Aug 24 21:01:28 EDT 1993

I received many interesting and useful replies to my request for input on
DSP filter requirements.  My thanks to everyone who replied and my apologies
to those that I did not have time to reply to individually.  My travel 
schedule continues to be overwhelming.
To summarize the comments made about DSP filter features, for those who are
interested, virtually everyone felt that bandpass filtering with adjustable
low and high frequency cutoffs was the most important feature.  Automatic
noise removal and automatic heterodyne removal were felt to be quite
important and should be available with bandpass filtering rather than
instead of.  Contesters felt that these features should be easy to implement
with little or no brain power devoted to setting up and using the features.
A few comments were made in support of adaptive filtering (on-the-fly auto-
matic design of a matched bandpass filter) to maximize signal to QRM.  
I have forwarded many of the comments on to Mike at Digital Interactive in
order to support my own feeling that automatic noise/carrier filtering is
important and should be added to the DSP-120.  My bias is based on owning
a DSP-120 as well as a Timewave and a JPS.
Thanks again for the input and if anyone else has any comments please feel
free to make this an ongoing discussion.
73  John  W0UN

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