Swamp Guy Anchors

Steve Fraasch Steve_Fraasch at ATK.COM
Wed Aug 25 15:28:55 EDT 1993

I've designed a guy anchor system for my upcoming tower project using A.B. 
Chance Co. 8", 10" double helix "SS" anchors.  I've designed it for a 
retaining force of 20K lbs, the limit where all 3 ea 1/4" EHS guy wires would 

Does anyone else have experience installing anchors from the A.B. Chance Co?

Specifically, I'm looking for power hand installing equipment.  I've located a 

couple of Kelly Bar PTO trucks, but I must wait for winter when there's enough 

ice to drive on.  The A.B. Chance rep says that hand equipment will work for 
installing torques up to 2.5K ft-lbs; I need only 2K ft-lbs.

If anyone is interested in these anchor systems, you can request the design 
book, "Principles & Applications of Earth Anchors," from A. B. Chance Co., 210 

N. Allen St., Centralia, Mo., 65240-1395, 314-682-5521.

You will immediately see the advantages of using helical screw
anchors as an alternative to digging holes for deadman anchors, especially if
you're going in wet,inaccessible soil, as I am.
These systems are much larger than the small screw anchors that
Rohn sells in their tower books, and can be used to support up
to 100k lb tensions.

Steve, K0SF

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