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Andrew Sargent N8OFS andrews at
Mon Dec 6 01:14:26 EST 1993

Hello all, I need my address for this miling list changed before Jan 1.
My new address is 'andrews at', I need to make this switch soon.

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>From David Robbins (KY1H) 413-494-6955(w) 413-655-2714(h) <robbins at>  Mon Dec  6 11:52:58 1993
From: David Robbins (KY1H) 413-494-6955(w) 413-655-2714(h) <robbins at> (David Robbins 413-494-6955 413-655-2714 (KY1H w h))
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 93 06:52:58 EST
Subject: arrl 160m improvements
Message-ID: <9312061145.AA05378 at>

i kind of like the idea of 24 hours each of ssb and cw, it would be nice to
have format similar to the arrl 10m where you could do either mode, but the
small 160m band probably couldn't handle that.  maybe just leave the mode open
so you could do either at any time but only work each station once for qso
or multiplier credit.  i have mostly looked at this contest as the sweepstakes
of 160m, its nice to get a couple dx stations but as others have said its only
one week after cqww cw so you can't expect too much.  
73, dave

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