KN8Z 160m contest score

00pmbarkey at 00pmbarkey at
Mon Dec 6 10:00:28 EST 1993

160 meter contest from KN8Z (multiop):

  1410 QSO's x 75 sections + 26 countries = 295,000

  (from memory, so its approximate)

Pretty good stateside activity.  Understand that the east
coast EU opening on Friday was great (?).  Conditions in
Ohio were rather strange.  Worked some UB5's and UA3's,
but missed OK and HA.  Had about 25 Europeans, but only
four on Saturday night.

Looks like we need to have terrible conditions in order to

Operators were:  KN8Z, WX8T, NZ8O, WM9M, KA3GZS, N8JEC, WU8A,
                 and WA8YVR.

   -- Pat

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