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Mon Dec 27 21:01:51 EST 1993

Anyone want to do a team for NAQP?  If we get 20 guys, I'll split up the
teams as evenly as I can and we'll have an Internet sub-competition.  Let me
know if you are interested and what kind of score/time you will make/have.

BTW... This is CW, not SSB.  2nd Saturday of the new year.


Bill, KM9P


>From aa2du at (J P Kleinhaus )  Tue Dec 28 02:20:20 1993
From: aa2du at (J P Kleinhaus ) (J P Kleinhaus )
Date: 28 Dec 93 02:20:20 GMT
Subject: Miles and Rules

Happy Holidays to all!  On the question of statute versus nautical miles, the ARRL uses statute miles.  If a measurement is submitted in nautical miles (some of the Pratas Island docs were), they are converted before any action is taken.
        I am not convinved that we should think about consolidating the Single-op and Single-op/Assisted categories.  The allegation that the top single-op guys use packet anyway is not to be taken lightly.  I for one would be pretty pissed-off if that's how someone thought I won a Single-op contest.  In all of the recently published results, the SOA entries always have less Q's and more mults than the Single-op entries.  It's not hard to figure out who's doing what and when they're doing it it!

I'm sorry for the previous message which went out mangled!

73 de J.P., AA2DU
aa2du at

>From JKULKKI at (Jari Kulkki, tel 358-0-5118226, fax 358-0-5118272)  Tue Dec 28 05:19:55 1993
From: JKULKKI at (Jari Kulkki, tel 358-0-5118226, fax 358-0-5118272) (Jari Kulkki, tel 358-0-5118226, fax 358-0-5118272)
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1993 8:19:55 +0300 (EET)
Subject: Single op /Assisted ?
Message-ID: <931228081955.2042921e at>

Concerning the Single Op. operation is it allowed to watch national TV
broadcasts during the contest or is it taking me to S.O. Assisted 
category ?

The reason for asking this is that we can see the DX cluster infos on
normal TV (text-TV page460), hi.  I presume that is compared to packet
radio.  Are there any text-TV, teletext, videotext or whatever where you
could include the cluster infos ? 

	Jari, OH1EB

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Tue Dec 28 06:43:52 1993
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 93 22:43:52 PST
Subject: LOGCFG.DAT For Internet SprINT
Message-ID: <9312280643.AA13390 at greylock.local>

Several logs from the last Internet SprINT had commented that the op had
tried using Tree/N6TR's "LOG" program, but had been overwhelmed by the
learning curve.  That happened to me, too.  And I found that practicing LOG
-- with or without the simulator -- required having a decent configuration
file whth reasonable messages and features.

Anyway, in order to promote SprINT activity, I thought I'd make available a
LOGCFG.DAT file for the Internet SprINT.  It's heavily annotated with useful
details -- like which buttons to hit when.  It's about 160 lines.  A sample
excerpt is appended below.

E-mail to k2mm at gets a copy.  73, and CU Sunday.  --John/K2MM

; Method 2 -- S&P in ANY mode -- works with simulator OK; lets you dump in
; your call before typing in callsign.
;     2a. Copy call in your head.  Leave call window empty.
;     2b. Check for dupe in editable log.
;  ** 2c. Hit <SPACE> to send your call.  Now in S&P mode.
;     2d. Type call into call window.
;  ** 2e. Hit <TAB> to put cursor in exchange window.
;  ** Never hit <SPACE> with both callsign and cursor in call window.  If
;     you've worked the station before, LOG will call it a dupe and flush
;     the call.  Also applies to <CR>, but only in S&P mode.

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