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Thu Dec 30 17:05:02 EST 1993

I found this address in an article from an Amateur Radio publication
entitled "National Contest Journal" or NCJ.  I am trying to find out
how to hook up with other contesters & DX'ers.  Am I in the right place?
Thanks & 73, Kirk - WR3O   Pegram, TN

>From mwilson at (Mark Wilson)  Thu Dec 30 21:55:17 1993
From: mwilson at (Mark Wilson) (Mark Wilson)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 93 16:55:17 EST
Subject: Vanity Call Sign NPRM Available
Message-ID: <1203 at mw>

For those who are interested, you can get a copy of the 
full text of the NPRM from the ARRL information server.
Send a message to

info at

with the following (and only the following) in the text of
your message

SEND FCC-93-305

If you want to find out more about the info server, put only the word


in the text of your message.

If you have ftp capability, it's in the /pub/hamradio/ARRL file
area on

It's also available for downloading from the ARRL BBS (203-666-0578).

And, finally, if you're not in a hurry it will be in February
QST, which hits your mailbox in about 3 weeks.

Enjoy. 73, 

Mark Wilson, AA2Z
mwilson at

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