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FYI:  Wire's "Dot Dash" is available in North America on Restless Records (my

I know several musicians who have shortwave RXs which they use to "sample"
interesting sounds. For example, Holger Czukay, a member of the German band
Can, even lists his instruments on album credits as "bass guitar, shortwave
radio."  Czukay has "played" shortwave radios on stage during concerts.  Jah
Wobble, a founding member of PiL, also makes extensive use of shortwave
samples on his solo albums (also released in North America by Restless).

I am unaware of any rock musicians who are active ham radio contesters
(KC6WLS, Stryper's bass player, and one of the guys in .38 Special are
DXers).  There are a few "classical contesters," however:  WA6OTU is a
professional singer specializing in Gilbert & Sullivan and AA6RX is a
professional French Horn player with the Mexico City Philharmonic.  And I
think one of the N6DX regulars is a professional jazz musician.

About two years ago, one of the bands on my label, The Zeros, decided to put
a "secret message to their fans" at the end of one of their songs.  One of
the band members brought his ancient Boy Scout manual to the studio and they
put together a morse code message using a synthesizer.  When the band proudly
played the song for me, I told them I couldn't understand the message -- they
had forgot to put spaces between the characters!  At the band's invitation, I
took my AEA Morsemaster and paddle to studio and overdubbed the morse code
message.  My one and only studio credit after 20 years in the music business!

>From Rick Tavan (415-325-1025) <tavan at>  Fri Dec 31 03:10:34 1993
From: Rick Tavan (415-325-1025) <tavan at> (Rick Tavan (415-325-1025))
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 93 19:10:34 PST
Subject: Call Sign Lookup
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If FCC needs a way to provide call sign availability info, they should
consider Internet.  Works pretty well, as we have seen.  

/Rick N6XI (former FCC summer intern, 1966)

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From: Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at> (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 93 22:49 EST
Subject: Morse Music
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AA6TTs references to Czukay and Wobble (both HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE listening)
remind me of the mid 70s LAMAR HARRINGTON band  with KT7H on percussion,
K7SS on bass, Jeff Jaisun (BCL extroirdinaire) and the late K7RA, Homer
Spence on 75A1. (among many others). Never did successfully incorporate
CW into a tune, altho a very jerky CQ jazz tune did emerge for awhile.
Did you know N6RO bluegrass banjo expert, KT7H semi-pro singer choral type.
Not exactly CONTEST INFO, but, hey...look at the flux! We need the
diversion!  May 1994 bring us all into the box(es). 73 de K7SS

>From charlie.morrison at (Charlie Morrison)  Thu Dec 30 23:09:04 1993
From: charlie.morrison at (Charlie Morrison) (Charlie Morrison)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1993 23:09:04 GMT
Subject: Mickey Mouse's CW Garden
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On the Disney's tape "HERE'S MICKEY"  which was a gift to my
children, there's a very old MM cartoon called "MICKEY'S GARDEN" .
This cartoon begins with MM and Pluto chasing Garden Bugs with an
old-time hand-held pesticide pump. They drive the bugs off the
plants and into the ground.
After running out of pesticide, MM runs back to the house to get more.
One bug (with two antennae) [Probably fed in-phase] notices MM's retreat
from the garden and begins tapping out CW on his two antennae !
 -- CQ CQ OK GA OK GA --
With that signal of 'All clear', all the bugs that were driven into
hiding by MM, emerge to feast again!
charlie.morrison at

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