NAQP clarification

Thu Dec 30 07:23:51 EST 1993

There are conflicts in the announcements for the NAQP.  The power
limitation in listed as 100 watts in some sources and as 150
watts elsewhere.  The power limit for the 94 NAQPs is 150 watts
PEP.  I am considering changing the limit to 100 watts for next
year because there is growing concern that people are using 
amplifiers to get to 150 watts if they have a '100 watt' solid
state rig.  This was never the intent of the rules.  The NAQP is
meant to be an exciter only contest.  Please send me input on
this or any other rule changes you might want to see in the NAQP.

Please spread the word that the NAQP power limit is 150 watts,
not 100.

73,   John KZ2S

73, Jay K0GU                   jayk at

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