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Fri Jul 2 09:07:57 EDT 1993

I was part of the San Diego DX Club gang that ran as K6NA (2A, less than
150 watts) in FD this year.  I don't have the band-by-band breakdowns yet,
but an approximate summary is:

        about 3000 Qs between the 2 HF stations (about 75% CW)
        300 Qs from the novice/tech station (10 mtrs and 220 MHz)
        200 Qs from the UHF/VHF station
        50 Qs on packet
        10 Qs on satellite

Our score, I'm told, was an even 11K.  I'd like to hear some more FD
scores, too--the reflector has been strangely quiet this week.  Or doesn't
FD count as a "contest?" :-)

73--Jim, K6ZH

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