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Derek Wills oo7 at
Fri Jul 9 23:49:24 EDT 1993

N2IC/0 says:

	>>A better (but now illegal) approach for Sprint would be:

	>>Band A:    CQ NA CQ NA N2IC N2IC NA --response, etc.
	>>Band B:    WN4KKN N2IC 123 Steve CO --end of QSO

	>>If you got no response to your CQ, you could repeat the CQ on 
        >>band A, and hunt-and-pounce on band B simultaneously.

But what if KKN (on Band B above) asks for a repeat?  I suppose you
just hit the "repeat" button on your whatever while simultanously
working one of the people who answer your CQ, huh?

Call me naive, I never realized there were people out there doing
this stuff.   No wonder I never win (actually I think it would
slow me down even more...).

In the Sprint, nearly everyone is on the same band at any given
time, so it's not obvious that being able to operate two bands
would be that useful anyway.

Can you do this in everyday operating - i.e. call CQ simultaneously
on 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 and 160?   I guess there is
nothing in the rules to prevent it (M/M stations obviously do it
legally in contests).   Can you transmit several signals on one
band in everyday life - e.g. CQ every 2 KHz at the same time?

The naive mind boggles.

Derek "one signal, one band" Wills (AA5BT, G3NMX)
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