Danny Eskenazi 0005720561 at mcimail.com
Sat Jul 10 06:40:00 EDT 1993

So I would like to know...who has been running more than one rig on 
two (or more) bands at the same time? and who has been running more
than one rig, but not simultaneously. I address this to N6TR K7GM and
any/all other sprint log checker/coordinators. I think we are talking 
about two entirely different things. I find two signals at a time to 
be unsportsman-like...and at a definate brute force advantage to all
others in the contest. The second scenario, even though Ive never tried
it, seems to be within the "spirit of the rules of the game" as MOST 
people understand them. (correct me if im all wet). PLEASE CLARIFY FOR
ALL OF US......WHO IS DOING WHAT!  (ps .. Tree...to ask the guys who are
running two rigs for an opinion on running two rigs..might give you a 
lopsided opinion of what the contestants want in THEIR contest) I would
like to see A MAJORITY OF THE ENTRANTS polled before ANY rule change is made
that will affect how people play the game. Were only talking a few hundred
folks here..shouldnt be too hard just by asking each team captain to 
poll his gang...or simply asking on here....    I still consider the
sprint to be the best test of operator skill we have... I wonder how many
people EVEN KNEW that you could run two signals legally?!?  ciao K7SS

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