Alan Brubaker alan at
Mon Jul 12 09:53:34 EDT 1993

Back in the early '60s, K6RU (sk), then W6HJT, built one of the first west coast
superstations - stacked 5 el beams on 20, 15 and 10, and a huge 5 el 40 meter
beam (homebrew) on a 100 foot boom, all on the same Telerex "Big Bertha" rotating
125' pole. For 80 meters he had built a rhombic. In the shack he had 5 identical 
Collins S lines each dedicated to a single band (80 - 10 meters). When he operated 
in a contest, he only had to roll his chair sideways to change bands.
This was before
the days of memory keyers, so he could not call CQ on one band while
working stations
on another. What is left of this station is now owned by Dale, K6UA. That beautiful
40 meter beam came down in a big storm quite a few years ago.

Alan, K6XO

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