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Fri Jul 9 15:33:36 EDT 1993

Regarding Ward's comment (and others, of course):

I do have a problem with:

Bankd A:   CQCQCQ --listen-- CQCQCQ --response, etc.
Bankd B:   CQCQCQ --listen-- CQCQCQ ----------------

Having a single transceiver, I always assumed (as others did)
that everyone was working only one band at a time.  The example
of working two radios, other than split DX on 80 meters, was
something I had not thought about before.  Yet, in one of the 
radio rags a month or so ago there was a vivid discussion of the
above example AND the author went on to explain that others had
monitored the very same who had observed operation on BANK C and D
at the very same time.  Is this the tip of the Iceberg, so to speak?
Hey, I have enough trouble randling a single radio, so I am not
trying to bad-mouth anyone.  This just has my haed spinning.  I did
read about on contester who has seven TS-830s at his station, and 
I had assumed that it was to avoid the hassle of tuning up whenever
a band change was made, now I am not so sure.  

alan, N2ALE/6

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