Two radios

Rus Healy NJ2L rhealy at
Mon Jul 12 12:44:14 EDT 1993

Danny Eskenazi asks who runs two radios at once, and who uses
two rigs but transmits with only one at a time.

I think the Sprint organizers have a good idea in closing a
loophole; the old rules did not specifically prohibit 
transmitting on two or more bands at once. Now they do. 
That's it.

Danny, for your survey: I'm one of the operators in "the 
other two-radio class" (two radios, but only one signal on 
the air at a given time by virtue of a relay-switched 
keying line). If you think about it, this approach is 
simply *impossible* to regulate out of existence. What are 
the organizers going to do? Tell you not to enter if you own 
or happen to have more than one radio in your shack during 
the contest period? Of course not.

Unless you're transmitting simultaneously on two frequencies, 
you don't *have* two radios for the purposes of any current 
HF contest I'm aware of. 

For the record, I support the legal use of two radios in 
contests--even with simultaneous transmitted signals--as long 
as you're not using the same source to key each radio. In
other words, if you're capable of running stations on two
frequencies at once, with separate rigs and keyers, you deserve
the advantage this gives you--because you're a better operator
than anyone I know! That's really the bottom line, isn't it? 
(Don't ask me to write this into any contest rules, though; 
the wording would open a mighty big can of worms!)

--73, Rus

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