IARU score

Kris Mraz mraz at maverick.aud.alcatel.com
Mon Jul 12 12:21:50 EDT 1993

Band   Q's   Mults

 10      2      1
 15    176     27
 20     53     17
       ---    ---
       231     45 -> 31,005 pts

Conditions were crummy in Texas. I could have picked up a bunch of mults on 10m
but I kept waiting for it to open before changing bands. It never opened so I
missed the occasional "passerby". Only heard/worked one African station.
Heard/worked four VK/ZL's. No Asia. Weak European opening. 

Tried to do better than last year but came no where close :-(

         TA-33 at 10m
         10 hrs off and on.

Thanks to those netters who said hello.

Kris, AA5UO

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