low band wire arrays

wmhein at aol.com wmhein at aol.com
Mon Jul 12 13:56:15 EDT 1993

I would like to solicit comments on low band wire arrays.

Here at the Hard Rock Ranch contest station in south west Colorado, I have an
80m "four square" phased vertical array which works pretty well (especially
after I elevated the radials 10 feet above ground).  However, "running"
Europeans, the key to scoring well in any DX contest, remains fairly
difficult from my Rocky Mountain location.  Thus, I have been thinking about
building a 80m "laser beam" aimed to Europe, and retiring the four square for
use on bearings other than Europe.

I am weighing the relative merits of Bobtail Curtains, Phased Bobtail
Curtains, Rhombics, and Sterba Curtains.  I love to hear other people's
experiences with these type (or other) arrays on 80m.

Bill, AA6TT
wmhein at aol.com

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