Drop 10 Minute Rule?

H. LAWRENCE SERRA 72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jul 12 14:59:36 EDT 1993

--de Larry/N6AZE

Judging by comments on the reflector about spotty and erratic
propagation around the country during IARU, and by experience here
(SDGO), is it time to drop the "Stay-On-a-Band-for-at-Least-10
Minutes" rule to permit oppurtunistic, quick QSOs as propagation on the
bands fades in and out? Is there some interest to be maintained by this
rule (such as no multiple signals at one time) of such importance that
it should not be sacrificed in favor of capable operator, fast band
changing, oppurtunistic QSOs?

Larry N6AZE

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