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Tue Jul 13 09:13:45 EDT 1993

From:	NAME: Andy Burns                    
	FUNC: Research and Development        
	TEL: 0324 493981                      <BURNS,AL at A1@GRRD04>
To:	"cq-contest at tgv.com"@rcwi01 at mrgate@grrd04,
	NAME: Chris Eccles  GM7IJO <ECCLES,C at A1@GRRD04>

>From the Far Side......

GM0ECO zone 27

Single Op SSB only

Band         Q's      Mults  (Zones/HQ) 

160           7        7       (2/5)
80          115       23      (13/10)
40          229       32      (22/10)
20          905       41      (30/11)
15          369       30      (18/12)
10           18       12      (6/6)

Totals     1643      145      (91/54)    

Score = 751,825

Highlights -

* Only 10% of Q's were from US (contrast the normal 70% plus in a good 

* Good short skip into Mainland Europe with 100+/hour rates for 3 point 

* 10m very poor but sporadic E helped pick up a few mults.

* 15m Ok to Europe, 1 contact with W !!! Very little DX to far east

* 20m Good to US for a while but died to early on the saturday night.

* 40m/80m, low qrm levels for a change but not enough US on the bands.

* Worst part was local time 4-5am (the hour after sunrise) - 20m hadn't 
opened. 80m had died. Called CQ on 40m for the hour and had very few 
takers other than one ZL and one VK. Nice to hear them loud and in the 
clear for once.

* Lots of HQ stations active. Got very confused with IU2A and IS0*** both 
giving out ARI as their reports!!!! Never heard W1AW at all. 

* The SU called me.

* Worked one W6 in the whole contest.


TH7 @60' plus low dipoles for 10/15/20m
2el phased delta loops for 40m + sloper
Loop for 80m
Inverted L (low) for 160m (Efficiency extremely low due to the grazing 
Haggis in the next field being resonant on this band)
Short Beverages for N/S/E/W.

Contest finished at 1.00pm local time. Fell asleep during the Formula 1 
British Grand Prix  an hour later but managed to catch Nigel Mansell 
retaining first place in the Indy Car series. 

burns_al at grrd04.bp.com

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