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Peter Hardie hardie at herald.usask.ca
Tue Jul 13 09:40:13 EDT 1993

On Tue, 13 Jul 1993 a1::burns,al at grrd04.dnet.bp.com wrote:

> * Lots of HQ stations active. Got very confused with IU2A and IS0*** both 
> giving out ARI as their reports!!!! 
Probably the fault of you Brits anyway. Last year's results had a comment
about the fact that the G entry used three separate stations (separate
callsigns) as HQ stations and combined their scores into one entry. If
only I had seen that before the contest our VE5QST HQ might have been a
lot different. I asked Billy Lunt KR1R what rules they had taken advantage
of and he sent me three rules that pertain specifically to HQ stations
which don't seem to make it into the QST printed rules.
It boils down to allowing the HQ stations (only) to have as many as
one separate station PER BAND. Each one must have a different callsign but
they can be located anywhere in the IARU member's country. The rules also
permit one transmitter per mode. So in the extreme, any HQ station can have
six distinct callsigns, one for each band, all giving out the HQ multiplier.
Each of these stations can then consist of a SSB and a CW transmitter.
Last year's G entry had 3 stations on 160/80, 40/20 and 15/10.
So you could work as many as 6 distinct callsigns all giving out the same
HQ multiplier. 

> * The SU called me.
Lucky dog. Never heard SU at all, but may have heard his pileup!

73 de Pete hardie at herald.usask.ca  VE5VA

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