Mosley Antenna (fwd)

Ronald D. Klein rklein at
Sun Jul 18 12:36:23 EDT 1993

I took delivery on one of these about 1 year ago. It went up on the tower in 
September, and it has worked well. The only discrepancy I had is that the 
resonant frequency on 15 meters is lower than expected. 

I would give Gary (Sr.) a call if you've not already done so. I found him to 
be very helpful both before and after I purchased mine.

Ron - W0OSK

> Subject: Mosley Antenna
> The PRO-67B I recently bought didn't work on any band, and it
> turns out about half the traps are very lossy.  It isn't moisture,
> or any visible problem inside the traps.  The only thing I can
> think of is that the plastic used to make some of the coil forms
> is lossy.  In any case, I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of
> similar problems with recent Mosley traps?  Unless I'm the only
> guy who bought an antenna from the in the past few months, it's
> hard to believe I'm the only one who got lossy traps.
> 73,
> Scott    K9MA

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