MAS pirate products

Junichi Tanaka tanaka at
Sun Jul 18 12:52:25 EDT 1993

K2PH writes;

>I picked up a copy of PED from the W6GO BBS and printed out
>the documentation, which said JE3MAS Pirate Software, Inc.
>My question: is this REALLY the name of JE3MAS's software
>organization or is this pirated commercial software?

Do not worry ! It was really made by Mas, JE3MAS. He has been at JA3YKC,
 our university contest club. There we used amps named "Doglo", meaning 
a skelton, on flags of pirates. (Have some of you seen photos of Doglos ??)
 So, that was why some of JA3YKC named their home brew ones   " YKC pirate 
products". Same reason.

As someones has been afraid, he will not sign "pirate products" anymore.

de Jun JH4RHF/KH2S, a friends of  JE3MAS

p.s. Mas got married several weeks ago. Congs!!!

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