Mosley Antenna

Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 jayk at
Sun Jul 18 12:55:34 EDT 1993

>>Unless I'm the only guy who bought an antenna from them in the past few
>>months, it's hard to believe I'm the only one who got lossy traps.
>>Scott    K9MA

There are four newer Mosley's in this area (including my PRO-96, now
two years old). No one has reported this problem. A friend is just
about ready to put up a new PRO-96, will check with him. I did have
one trap short out after about six months. 

I assume it is assembled correctly. IMHO sometimes hard to tell from
Mosley documentation HI.

>They're a good Co. Have you checked with their engineering dept?
>73 Rob, N3RW

When last I checked their engineering and design department consisted
of Gary Sr. the president of the company. IMHO several inquiries to
Mosley indicated that Gary Sr. is the only one there that knows what
is going on.

73, Jay K0GU

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