Bob Schreibmaier k2ph at
Sun Jul 18 19:05:41 EDT 1993

>Please... I'm dying of curiousity!  What is it?  What does it do?  What
>do I need to do it?  Is it fattening?
>p.s. - where do I get it (don't have W6GO phone number and it isn't available
>on the ARRL BBS or CIS)

It is a very fine CW (and CT) trainer written by JE3MAS.  The W6GO
bulletin board can be found at 916-992-0923.  The BBS seems to be
able to handle V.32 (9600 bps) and V.22bis (2400 bps) just fine.

As Jim, AD1C, says, we are having trouble getting this on the
SIMTEL20 machine as Keith sees the words "Pirate Products" and
is very much afraid.  However, JE1CKA and others are trying to
get the documentation changed to not say Pirate Products and to
include a name and address for the author.  Maybe then it will
be allowed on the SIMTEL20 machine.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Bob K2PH

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