PED vs. CT-Modoki

Takao Kumagai je1cka at
Mon Jul 19 15:14:16 EDT 1993

CT-MODOKI was written by Kenny, AH0K for normal (without SoundBlaster) PC 
compatibles. Its look & feels are something like CT and one station give you
a call. It's a tiny (about 20k)program and runs on almost pc-compatibles.
This is free ware but no up date recently because Kenny was shocked to see
the demonstration of PED and lost interest to update.
But I love this one.

PED was written by JE3MAS for SB. 8pile ups on SB delux & 16pile-ups on SBpro.
Now he has been re-writing the documet and opening title for exact copy right.
This version will be released soon. maybe SIMTEL and HAM-server.

Tack je1cka

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