PED from je3mas

Takao Kumagai je1cka at
Wed Jul 21 12:50:04 EDT 1993

I receive a email from JE3MAS

JE3MAS writes;(translated from japanese into english)

  I have never checked whether "PED" works on *REGULAR*SB or not. But the 
hardware looks like quite similar to SBPro, so it must works ok if you set
the I/O address correct...
  First of all, you should set the REGULAR-SB I/O address to "220h" and run
"PED"  in that configuration. I have no PC/AT compatibles and SB-v1.5 at 
present, so I can not check the problem. When I get a PC/AT, I'll check it.

  I'm not interested in joining in the network but my friend(JG3KIV) will 
transfer any mail to me via packetcluster.
Jun, JH4RHF/KH2S or me can transfer any mail to JG3KIV( then Pcluster ->Mas).


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