DXCC checking in Newington

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Tue Jul 27 20:38:02 EDT 1993

> I was recently made aware that cards can be checked in person in Newington.
> Does anyone know if there is a limit on how many cards can be checked?  I
> have been putting off applying for DXCC for 25 years, and now with
> everything on computer and being handled faster I'd like to get it done.

I asked this question earlier this year on behalf of TI2CF, so I know the

Since you have a lot of cards, it will take a while to do the checking and
data entry.  Call Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, at ARRL HQ (203-666-1541) and "make 
a reservation."  If you are only going to be there a day, then you may 
consider dropping them off in person, then having them shipped back.  Once 
you have credit for them, you don't really need them anymore anyhow, right?  :-)


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