Dave Curtis dcurtis at
Fri Jul 30 09:39:29 EDT 1993

Being a compu-weenie, for a long time I've felt that a "robot only" 
contest would be in order.  It would be an interesting technical
challenge both from a software and hardware standpoint.  Here's my

1) Limit band segments to avoid annoying the non-participants.
2) Human intervention limited to killing power exactly once, and
once you're off, you're off.  Incentive here is to build robust,
fully functional h/w and s/w that can go the entire test and do
everything (adjust pwr, spin beams, etc).
3) Human op must be present to prevent illegal operation in case
of malfunction.
4) Pick a single mode for the test, CW, RTTY, Amtor FEC seem most

One benefit of a robot-only contest is that we don't have to lobby
any existing contest to let us in.  A drawback is that there may
not be enough stations to make it interesting.

-Dave ng0x/6
dcurtis at

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