Robot stations.

Larry Tyree tree at
Fri Jul 30 14:07:52 EDT 1993

Well, as someone who has done this, I would make the following proposal:

1. Pick a contest and sponsor a robot category.  It wouldn't have to be 
   done as part of the official contest, but could be done with results in
   the NCJ.  I would suggest Field Day.

2. The robot can only search and pounce.  No packet information can be used.

3. Comply to FCC rules.  This is some gray areas here.  If I write a computer
   program that controls the radio, am I in control of the operation since
   I wrote the program?

4. CW only.

As more people start doing this type of thing, then we can think about 
expanding it.  It really is a lot of work and to do it right, it will
cost some bucks as well.

Tree  N6TR/7
aka: Z80 op

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