handicapping vs. ratings

Ward Silver hwardsil at seattleu.edu
Sat Jun 5 10:22:00 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
After surveying sport ratings/handicapping systems, it seems that handicapping
systems work best when the competition is held on a common playing area and
with very similar equipment for the competitors.  Examples of this type of
sport are bowling and golf.  Rating systems work better when events are distrib-
uted across long times or many locations.  Examples here are racing and chess.
It's pretty clear that given the variability of the circumstances for radio
contesters we fall into the latter category.

If, for purposes of argument only, we assume that a rating system is used, how
do we address the issues of guest operation and multi-op efforts?  My initial
suggestion would be to allow dual ratings for operator and station, much like
the old licensing system where you had an operator license and a station li-

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