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Sun Jun 6 11:42:29 EDT 1993

Recently N6TR suggested that all the "big guys" enter the low power 
category of SS this year.  After thinking about it, I don't think 
this seems at all fair to the guys that enter this category not by
choice.  I'm sure if you asked K0SCM, K5RX, or any other station that
is stuck 100w & modest station that they would enter high power if 
they had the chance.  These guys aren't running away from competition,
they are matching their station to an appropriate category.  

I personally think it's a cop-out to operate low power from a station 
that is capable and well suited to do high power.  If you have more 
than one tower and no TVI, you shouldn't be in the low power category!
>From home, I have MUCHO TVI.  I operate low power from home with one
tower.  I don't think it would be very sporting for me to go to N4RJ
and do low power is SS...

So... I will either be low power from home or high power from N4RJ.  
Honestly, I've had alot more fun coming in 3rd USA low power than 1st
high power.  In low power you have to move alot more and make many 
more operating decisions.  Last year in high power I called CQ on 
one frequency on 20 meters for 2 hours then QSY'ed to 40 meters and
called CQ there for another 12 hours!  Other than using the 2nd radio,
there wasn't much to think about!  

See ya...

Bill KM9P

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