Anyone in Singapore?

Eric Rosenberg ericr at
Sun Jun 6 23:40:00 EDT 1993

On Fri, 28 May 1993, Bob McGwier wrote:

> Take GREAT CARE in Indonesia.  I do not know why the state department is
> not issuing traveler's warnings.  Do not go around dumb, go with local
> guides.
> Bob

Bob -- I agree. This is my 2nd time there this year (I was there in
March/April). Jakarta is a big smelly dump, but fortunately, I have a good
friend (YB1BG) who is a higher-up with IBM to look after me. Ham radio
does have some benefits. 

Also, I'm part of an Indonesian-American group (World Bank/AID project),
so that helps.  Most of the work is in Bali and east, not Jakarta. 

IT can be very intimidating (I could tell you horror stories about customs
officials on my last trip...)

Hope all is well -- thanks for the message!


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