Level, schmevel...

Ward Silver hwardsil at seattleu.edu
Tue Jun 8 13:31:57 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
Well, the discussion of abstractisms vis-a-vis contesting probably wouldn't
be going on if it wasn't mid-June and the D-layer feasting on our transmis-
sions...hihi;)  Actually, it's kind of depressing to think that the West
Coast isn't going to be hearing Europe on any frequency above 18MHz until,
oh, say, 1998, if then!!!

OK, so pill #1...the whole point is NOT to have to level the playing field,
thus making it that much easier for all of us to maintain whatever grip it
is that we have left.  A rating system finesses a great many of the gross
inequities by encouraging peer-to-peer competition...just the kind of thing
that allows the non-fanatic to ENJOY contesting with some perspective.

Pill #2...cheaters, ethics, etc...I feel GOOD that there's a place to discuss
this sort of topic, whether resolved or not.  I think we've had our little
catharsis on cheaters...maybe some local action will take place, maybe not,
but I feel better for having a forum available.

And, finally, what's inside Pill #3...ummmm, I forgot, sorry...:(

You get my drift...have FUN!...it's supposed to be FUN!...but for those of
us who wish to measure our abilities, we'd like to have at least a common
yardstick.  It works in many other activities which allow the entire gamut
of participants to be active and enjoy themselves, from fanatic semi-pros
to the occasionalist.

Etc. and CQ Field Day!

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