Multipliers etc.

Robert E.Naumann 72240.1433 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Jun 8 11:15:20 EDT 1993

Something K3NA said reminded me of something I wanted to bring up here.  
Many people have complained about meaningless exchanges in contests.  
During CQ, noone really has to actually "copy" the other stations' zone 
since we know all G's are in Zone 14, All Ja's are in Zone 25, etc.
I think that grid squares would be a much more meaningful piece of info to 
exchange than the standard 59 and redundant zone.  This would also give a 
foundation for new awards - maybe the re-vamping of DXCC that is talked 
about from time to time.  If you've worked a grid - you've worked that grid 
regardless of what country it's in - forever!.  Maritime mobiles would 
really be valuable!  
What do you guys think ?

73, Bob KR2J
72240.1433 at
P.S. I agree with WB4IUX's comments regarding setting personal goals etc.
P.P.S.  See you all in the VHF test from FN11 at K3UA Limited Multi.

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