I'm sick of it!

Skelton, Tom TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM
Mon Jun 7 16:30:00 EDT 1993

Ratings. Smatings.
Handicapping.  Schmandicapping.

When will it ever end?  People, friends, neighbors...get a grip!
Life isn't fair -- never has been, never will.  I would love the chance
to own and operate stations like N5AU/AA6TT/K1AR/etc., but I never
will and that's life!  Unless some unknown uncle dies and leaves me
his inheritance, or my gorgeous daughter (no kidding, she really is
a beauty) becomes a famous model and wants to support her dad's
radio addiction, I will never be able to afford those kinds of stations.  I
am a single tower/small monobanders & wires type station.  I have the
most amount of fun within the capabilities of my station that I can.
I have a grossly busy job as a Program Manager with a computer
company, a wife that likes some attention sometime (she has a
great line:  my only mistress is my radio), and 3 children
that give me a great deal of joy.  Again, within the bounds of my
personal life and time constraints I will almost never be an all-
weekend contester ..... but that is MY choice.  However, the time I
do get to contest I try to make the most of it.

So let's all take a moment and take some reality pills.  Here goes:

Pill number 1.  Life ain't fair.  Somebody will have better propagation,
more time, more yagis, more radios, a better QTH, etc., and there
isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

Pill number 2.  You can't legislate morality, prevent stupidity, or create
an egalitarian contest in the minds of all participants.

Pill number 3.  No matter what you do, you can't please all the people
all the time.  Matter of fact, when it comes to ham radio contests and
DX you can't even please a few of the people any of the time!

So get a grip!  Have fun!  If you have a dipole and 100 watts, set
goals you haven't reached before and go for it.  Or, try to improve
you antenna system so you can compete with the bigger guns.  Put up
some phased verticals hanging from the trees or a delta loop.
If you're a middle of the roader, yagis and an amp type station, try to
push your score to a higher level or invite a little pistol over to
multi-op and gain some experience.  If you're a
big gun/10 tower/40 yagi/6 radio station.......please invite me to guest
op sometime!  HI !

But whatever...just have fun and stop wasting time trying to
figure out a way to put all contest entrants on an equal footing.
Hope to catch some of you in the ARRL VHF contest the weekend of
June 12.....I'll be single band on 6 meters with TS690s and 5 element
yagi (grid EM 84) and praying for a lot of e's.

73 guys and gals and have a great summer....

Your local contest philosopher....

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