Coding of Contest Entries to Show Power, Equipment, Antennas, GS (fwd)

Ronald D. Klein rklein at
Fri Jun 11 06:53:11 EDT 1993

> G4BUO wrote recently that a coding system is used for contest entries
> in UK which classifies (I assume) power level, equipment, antennas, 
> grid square,etc. Then entrants can compare their results to stations
> similarly configured without the need for handicapping, etc. Wouldn't
> such info be useful for self-improvement and motivation if you could
> pull up contest results of stations similarly configured? (e.g., how
> many mults/hr did I work compared to other stations with 150W, dipole
> @ 30ft, on for 12 hrs, etc.)

I think this is the best idea of all. Can we turn off all the "equalization" 
discussion now? If everybody were equal, wouldn't we all be mediocre? As it 
is, we can all achieve what we choose to/are capable of - and that is not 

I would simply like to be able to compare my results to similarly equipped 
stations. I don't need more wallpaper. I have quite a bit already from various 
things - both in and out of the ham hobby.


Ron - W0OSK

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