QSY rule

Gary Sutcliffe gary.sutcliffe at mixcom.mixcom.com
Fri Jun 11 08:16:11 EDT 1993

K3NA writes:
> K9MA proposes a QSY rule for contests.  I think his analysis of the
> existing situation is correct, and even more so on the lower bands.  The
> number of contest participants has exceeded the capacity of the bands,
> except perhaps on 10m, for the traditional HF/MF bands.
I have been turned off by the phone SS contests during the low part of the
sunspot cycle because there really is not enough space for enough stations
to call CQ with only a band or two open.
> The proposed 15 minute limit on a frequency has two problems:
> a) it is difficult to enforce.  If one submits an undoctored CT log with a
One way to make it obvious is to define *when* you can call CQ. Stations
with an odd number in their call can only call CQ in odd hours, even
numbered stations in even hours.  An hour at a time might be too long.
Openings to some areas of the world don't last that long, so maybe half
hour or 15 minute segments would be better.
It would be interesting to see what happens when the change time comes.
Maybe "teams" in different call districts would hand the freq back & forth.
Also, a strategy consideration is when you should *not* call CQ in your
allocated time slot so you could work other odd (even) stations.
I'm not really proposing such a rule should be implemented in the big
contests.  I generally think we should not mess with them.  It might
be interesting to see how such a rule would work in a smaller one, but
then CQ space is not really such a problem. :-)
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