grid squares

Jim Hollenback jholly at
Fri Jun 11 12:03:39 EDT 1993

Let's see here...not enough operators in one grid square so expand the 
squares until we have enough operators....does this work for the folks
in the Pacific? South Altlantic? KL7? hmmm, I bet by the time we expand the
squares we have different enough propagation that we now need to include 
a handicapping for QTH.

At the other end what about Los Angles, Santa Clara valley and other areas
that have high density populations. One grid square here yelds more hams than
there probably is in the entire South Pacific and South Atlantic put together.

Ratings, handicapping, grid squares should be bagged and sold as fertilizer.
Lets get back to the 'run what you brung' mode of contesting and lets talk
about antennas, techniques, solving TVI problems, the merits of DVP and CT,

To start thing off, I would like some comments on yagi design and stacking
distances for a 20 meter and 15 mono bander.  How 'bout some construction

73, Jim, WA6SDM

John, here is my Friday post!

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