FW: What a load of ********

Skelton, Tom TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM
Fri Jun 11 12:51:00 EDT 1993

From:   NAME: Andy Burns
        FUNC: Research and Development
        TEL: 0324 493981                      <BURNS,AL at A1@GRRD04>
To:     "cq-contest at tgv.com"@rcwi01 at mrgate@grrd04

What a load of ******. Have we got nothing better to do than talk about
'equalized contests' and level playing fields. I've been reading this
drivle for 6 months now and it's going nowhere.

Come on lads, lets IMPROVE not equalise.



burns_al at grrd04.dnet.bp.com

I posted a similar message a few days ago, but was not as fired up as
Andy is.  However, I was out of the office for 1 day and I had over a dozen
emails  on "equalized contests."   100% of the respondents to my email
agreed fully with my points:  life ain't fair, have fun, and DO THE BEST
with what you have.  I would like to add Andy's point:  IMPROVE not
equalise.  You can't equalize, so stop wasting bandwidth.  There are
numerous contests in which you can compete without having a "big
gun" station:  NA Sprint, International contests sponsored outside
the USA (VK/ZL, Scandanavia, Bermuda, etc ), etc.

Some readers keep pointing to equalization systems used for golf,
bicycling, etc.  That is totally irrelevant to ham radio contesting and
is like comparing apples to bricks.

Andy, thank you for being so blunt.  If you guys and gals have nothing
more to do than spend a lot of time trying to equalize contests, then
wait until until CQWW for your discussions and meetings.  That will
give a lot of us a much better score!

If there is enough interest in an equalized contest, have one a year.
Spend your nights and weekends finding some damn strange way
to *equalize* it for everyone, and then participate.  However, I think
you'll find out you could have better
spent your time putting up new antennas or learning new operating
techniques that would have bettered your scores (read:  skill) in
the first place.

Thanks again Andy.  Way to Rock.....

73, Tom WB4IUX

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