BCC on hamradio 93 (DL)

Dieter Dippel UNRZ45 at daphne.rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Jun 15 09:55:58 EDT 1993

Bavarian Contest Club on the HAMRADIO 93 in Friedrichshafen
Also 1993 the Bavarian Contest Club will participate at the HAMRADIO 93 
on June, 25th to June, 27th in Friedrichshafen, lake Bodensee.
All Dxers are welcome on ** booth 205 in hall 2 **.
What will happen on our booth while the HAMRADIO:
- Pile-up contest CW (new version from JE3BAS)
- contest and amateurradio - software
**  DX-Cluster - Manual by DL6RAI (in German)
**  BV, the welknown QSO/QSL program on the K1EA base by DF3CB
**  the german CT handbook by DF 3 CB (including UKWTEST by DL2NBU)
- PP1.4D propagation forecast program by DL6RAI (de DF4RD: "the best one")
- UKWTEST - VHF-Contestprogram (similiar to K1EA (SW) by DL2NBU
- Fieldday-Packet with
  ** K1EA 6.14B Contestprogram by K1EA
  ** PPFD 3.3 Post Fieldday Processor by DJ8FR
  ** "Startct" von DD7LO  a keyboard driver for the MF-keyboard (/A /P /M)
      you will find on the german special letters   
  ** ARRL-country list 
  ** die newest CQWW.CTY for K1EA contest program
- Sweatshirts and T-Shirts with BCC logo
- BCC streamer 
- and one surprise for you: "it is the 10 th anniversary of the BCC"
please note down the following schedule:
Saturday  26.06.93 09.30 MESZ hall B
Multi/Single concept for WWDX-Contest with DK 3GI
10 years BCC - some contestexpedtions (slide show) by DK 6 WL and DK 2 OY
Saturday, 26.06.93 19.30 MESZ 
we will meet at 
Gasthauses "Adler" - Hauptstr. 57 - 7900 Ailingen (07541/56081)
for eye-ball qsos.
The hall has a capacity for 100 persons
see you in Friedrichshafen
73 de Manfred DK 2 OY

PS: ****** TOP SECRET ****** TOP SECRET ****** TOP SECRET ******
We also brewed a special BAVARIAN CONTEST CLUB CONTEST BEER !!!!!
It should help You to win? all contests or to satisfy Your frustration?
during and after the contests (next time I'll beat all !).
Ask for this "drug" the BCC-Team!!!!   73 de Dieter, DF4RD

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