75M DX Window

jpwarren at Austin.slcs.slb.com jpwarren at Austin.slcs.slb.com
Tue Jun 15 11:22:40 EDT 1993

Isn't it about time for a serious, organized campaign to expand the 75M Phone 
DX Window?

10KHz is just 2% of the U.S. 75/80M band - a ridiculously low proportion 
considering its intensive use during 2/3 of the year. Also, 10KHz was 
accepted before Yagis for 75/80 became so common. Four or five of those in 
the window completely fill it. And it's only going to get worse as the cycle 
bottoms out.

I suspect the original idea was a 10KHz listening window, with the resulting 
QSO to QSY elsewhere. Some hope!!

Ideas?? (other than everyone using only CW!)
                                                    John,    NT5C. 

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