Red Cross Needs Radios

Thu Jun 24 17:44:16 EDT 1993

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Date   : 24-Jun-1993
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Subject: Red Cross Needs Radios
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In my "part time" job, I am commander of a large Air Force Reserve unit
in Youngstown.

We have recently begun assisting a Red Cross clinic on Isla Mujeres, a
small island off the Yucatan peninsula. The contact came about through
a local Youngstowner, Kathy Price, who has been obtaining donated medical
supplies, and even ambulances and fire trucks, for the past three years, and
providing them to the clinic on Isla Mujeres. Even though the island is
literally within sight of the resort hotels in Cancun, there is a high
incidence of cholera, birth defects, and high infant mortality on Isla

Our role has been to fly the donated medical supplies to the island. The
weekend before last, we flew 28,000 pounds of medical supplies and
equipment to Cancun, and from there it was taken to the island on a

The present need is for radios for the Red Cross clinic on Isla Mujeres.
They presently have an old 10 watt marine FM radio for the 156 MHz boat
band. The antenna atop a 100 foot 25G tower is wasted with hurricane damage,
and most of the feedline is shot. Here are the needs:

       * A marine band FM radio
       * An amplifier for same
       * An Astron 35 or larger
       * A new antenna (Ringo-Ranger style) for the marine band
       * 250 feet of coax or hardline (preferably) and, if necessary,
         72 to 50 ohm hardline transformers
       * 1500 ft of galvanized guy wire
       * thimbles, clips, turnbuckles, equalizer plates for 4 sets
         of guys
       * an SWR meter
       * the usual complement of coax connectors
       * a gas-discharge lightning arrestor with a set of spare plugs

This radio is critical because it is the ONLY communication for the
entire island when the power and/or phones are out, which is OFTEN, and
it is the only point of contact with medical help for boats in distress.
Also, the Red Cross radio is the center of communications for the island
during tropical storms. It is the site of the only doctor.

I have been in communication with the doctor (Dr. Greta Shorey) and her
husband (Capt. Mike Creamer) by FAX since my visit two weekends ago.
We have arranged to return on July 31 with another C-130 full of medical
supplies and a fire truck. I have agreed to go along and fix the radio

Anything you can contribute would be a great aid! They also need school
supplies and all kinds of Spanish-language books. This project is
sanctioned by the Department of State, and the cargo is being moved
under the ageis of the Denton Amendment. Congressman Traficant has
assisted in getting all the necessary approvals.

Stuff, or dollars, would be appreciated. I can personally assure that
anything that is donated will quickly and directly reach the people
in need. There is NO charitable organization in the middle that is raking
off overhead.

    Thanks and 73,
      - Geoff
        Suffield, Ohio
        216 628-5707
        Prodigy BKCX26A
        Internet GHOWARD at KENTVM.KENT.EDU
        CompuServe 70571,1447

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