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John Connor ab669 at
Sun May 2 11:08:32 EDT 1993

Since we have gotten into this discussion about policing and contest
ethics, let me throw in my 2 cents about my favorite VE beef.

In Canada, we still have a list of "banned countries" that we are
not supposed to work. Our Dept. of Communications doesn't really
care and has publicly said that they will not enforce this rule.
However, it has also been pointeed out that while you may not
goet yourself in trouble by working a banned country, you may
get the other guy in trouble. So 99.9% of VEs ignore the list and
go ahead and work these guys anyway. I choose to respect the
list and don't work them. This has cost me a mult or two on occasion.

Now, the tethical question: What I always wonder is how these
guys who choose to ignore this regulation can sign their declaration
that they haeve obeyed all the oconditions of their license?
And if you say that since the rule is not enforced and their fo
therefor does not exi
therefrore de facto does not exist, stop and consider that they
probably wouldn't care very much if you run more than the legal limit
either, just so long as it wasn't blatant.

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