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Derek Wills oo7 at
Sun May 2 13:40:14 EDT 1993

	>>In Canada, we still have a list of "banned countries" that we are
	>>not supposed to work. 

	>>while you may not get yourself in trouble by working a banned country,
        >>you may get the other guy in trouble. 

	>>John Connor VE3RMM

Two responses spring to mind: (a) you can't force someone to work you;
they can ignore you when you call them or they can refuse to call you.
So I don't see how you are going to get anyone else into trouble.  And
(b) could someone post the list of banned countries?  I saw it at one 
time, I think Thailand was one of them?  Several of them made no sense...

Is the ban imposed by the VE authorities? - in that case, perhaps it is
time to get it removed, it might be trivial to do that.   If it's the other
countries that impose the ban, it might be harder - but there are no places
that ban QSOs with the US, so I suspect it is imposed by the VEs for reasons
that are probably lost in the mists of antiquities.

I know that for many years, many (most? all?) of the Arabian countries were 
not allowed to work Israeli hams, yet many of the latter were at the top of 
the Horror Roll.   When I operated /4X for about 10 mins once, about 5 yrs 
ago, I think there were 3 countries I was not supposed to work - ZS was one, 
I believe...    Who knows...

In a contest, I'd work anything that moves - then sign the declaration but
put in very small letters "(but I did work an HS)".  I don't think this is
in the same class as running 7 KW.   Since VEs are often competing against
other VEs, I suppose you could alert the log checkers to the VE rules and
suggest that they delete VEs' QSOs with Naughty Countries.

Or perhaps this is the origin of the Multi-Banned entry class....

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