VE Banned Countries

John Connor ab669 at
Mon May 3 18:16:15 EDT 1993

The countries that VEs aren't supposed to work are:
D2, ET, 9G, YI, XZ, HZ, PZ, 5X and 9Q.

This list gets updated from time to time; eg. HZ didn't used to be on it,
and I don't recall when it wsas added.

My understanding is that these countries have notifed the ITU that they
do not want amateurs in their countries to communicate with amateurs
in other countries. ITU member countries are supposed to respect that,
but at some point (in the 60s?) the FCC decided that they were not
going to impose such a restriction on US amateurs. The government
here is generally rather more paternal thna in the US. :-)
So we end up with this list that everyone ignores.
Or at lesat, almost everyone.

My fantasy is go to one of these countries, and keep turning away VEs-
"sorry, VE3XXX, I'm not allowed to work you...QRZ", but I don't
think I would live to answer the QSLs!

John Connor VE3RMM

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