VE Banned Countries

IgorS.Sokolov IgorS.Sokolov
Tue May 4 18:04:29 EDT 1993

>   The countries that VEs aren't supposed to work are:
>   D2, ET, 9G, YI, XZ, HZ, PZ, 5X and 9Q.
>   This list gets updated from time to time; eg. HZ didn't used to be on it,
>   and I don't recall when it wsas added.
>   My understanding is that these countries have notifed the ITU that they
>   do not want amateurs in their countries to communicate with amateurs
>   in other countries. ITU member countries are supposed to respect that,
>   but at some point (in the 60s?) the FCC decided that they were not
>   going to impose such a restriction on US amateurs. The government
>   here is generally rather more paternal thna in the US. :-)
>   So we end up with this list that everyone ignores.
>   Or at lesat, almost everyone.
>   My fantasy is go to one of these countries, and keep turning away VEs-
>   "sorry, VE3XXX, I'm not allowed to work you...QRZ", but I don't
>   think I would live to answer the QSLs!
>   John Connor VE3RMM
These banned countries business is absolutly stupid but there are always
some ways around. We did it many times back in the past when 4x was
so called banned country in Russia. When you get 4X calling, you just
tell him that "although you are 59 but because of our lousy politicians
I am not allowed to have proper QSO with you, which is a real shame". The
responce usually was "Yes it is a shame because you are also 59, so
untill better times...". Then there were many different ways to get
QSL which was always of the secondary interest to me. The really
important thing was to show your fellow amateur your personal attitude to
that "banned countries" business. I always think it is not really
violation and I have a right to at least explain my refuse to exchange
reports with someone who might really need it. Fortunately those days
are over now and I was very much surprised to learn about Canada having
a list of banned countries although I understand the reasons. So leave
it for Radio Hams in those banned countries to decide whether to
ignore your call or to find the way to exchange reports with you.
 Igor Sokolov, UA9CDC.
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