The new contest

Larry Tyree tree at
Thu May 6 09:46:39 EDT 1993

Several people have raised concerns about the special dupe rule of the Sprint
Internet Contest.  I think the following explanation will help:

If a station works you twice without making the necessary three QSOs, it will
count as a dupe only for that station.  

So as long as you have the required three QSOs, you are safe.  If you call 
someone who hasn't made 3 QSOs since working you, he should just say 
SRI DUPE and go on.  I also think it is easier to look at your last 3 
QSOs to see if a station is a dupe than it is to deal with a dupesheet.

So, go find four friends to work you over and over.  The QSOs will count
as dupes for them, but not for you.  However, your log will be disqualified
because you have used a system and didn't operate the contest in the 
spirit of the rules.

Isn't it nice to be able to ask questions and get answers before the contest!


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