9913 vs Flexi

Jeff Embry WI2T 70253.410 at CompuServe.COM
Wed May 5 23:28:17 EDT 1993


I work for a company that sells CQ-Flexi 4XL8IIA cable.  I will not pass on
the sales pitch, but will let you know the differences between the Flexi and
Belden's 9913.  The obvious difference is the stranded center conductor vice
the solid center conductor that Belden will have.  This will give you about
a 9-11 inch bending radius before you start inducing kinks and impedence
bumps in the cable.  Addtionally CQ uses a Type II outer jacket.  Belden
uses a Type I jacket.  All essentially this provides you will a some UV
resistance and the jacket will not allow contaminants to invade the cable
through the jacket.  This can be important if you have a bundle of cables
running up the tower.  Also, it adds a few years to the life of the cable
under normal use.  Finally belden gives you 88 - 90 percent braid and
100 percent foil for shielding.  CQ upgraded the braid to almost 98 percent.
This will help some with the possibility of crosstalk.  As far as power
handling and loss characteristics the two are pretty much even.  We usually
spec which cable to use on the the application.  For instance Belden 9913 to
a vertical where there is not much movement.  Flexi around a rotator.  Our
observation has been that when the solid center condution moves a lot it
will creep back and forth along the and possibly ruin a connection.

Jeff (WI2T)
70256.410 at compuserve.com

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