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IgorS.Sokolov IgorS.Sokolov
Thu May 6 15:37:27 EDT 1993

>   How do you know whether the person calling CQ, and whom you worked
>   four Qs ago, has had 3 more QSOs since you last worked?  How does
>   the caller tell you this so as to stop you calling every time he or
>   she CQs? - is it enough to send AS or "go away"?
>   Hmm, what if participation is so poor that there are only 4 stations
>   on the air? - you just keep working each other until the time's up?
>   Yrs in confusion,
>   Derek aa5bt
 You can set atime limit instead, like repeted QSO is permitted every
15 minutes or 30 minutes. This overcomes the above mentioned problem
but makes it a bit mor complicated for contesters. Anyway it may enable
someone to alter a little CT or write another program that will be able
to help. We use to have a mini contest of this type locally and I assure you
it is a lot of fun.
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