WriteLog 6.0--now shareware.

Wayne Wright 71034.3544 at CompuServe.COM
Fri May 7 20:29:38 EDT 1993

WriteLog is now shareware (I ask $37.50 from anyone who logs 100 QSOs 
with it--the program itself in no way enforces this). It is available 
for download from Compuserve (or will be as soon as the sysop approves it) 
in "Software and Pictures" library, writelog.zip.
I'd be happy for it to be available by anonymous ftp, but I have no way 
(i.e. no suitably configured machine) to make that happen.

It is also a new version. The demos distributed are version 5.16 and 
earlier. The new version adds multi-color rate plotting, online help,
and more.

Wayne, W5XD

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