NCJ printing quality

John L. Luigi Giasi jlgiasi at hcx5.UMMED.EDU
Fri May 7 21:42:56 EDT 1993

Hi all, was it just my copy or were most of the pages NCJ printed on 
VERY VERY light paper?? On many of the pages, the ink bleed from the other
side was soo great it distracted me when reading!! About half the issue
was just shoddy from a production standpoint... (OK OK, I have 5 years of
printing work behind me, so I can be picky about such things, but thats
why i am asking.. I could just haveone of the early copies from an overink)

Anyone else have this...?? I always read NCJ in the same place, at the kitchen
table before I get my coat off when I come home, so the lighting hasn;t
changed... but then again, i compared it to a few back issues and the paper
does seem to have MUCH greater bleed on this last copy...

73 de Luigi, AA1AA
jlgiasi at
jlgiasi at

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